Benefits of Agile Software Development That a Business Gets

16 Apr

There are numerous development methodology that the developer can use in developing the software for the business. Agile is one of the methods that can be used to develop the software, the method is just a frame that is used to create the software.  The agile software development framework is divided into various stages that the software must follow when being developed.  The goals of the software should be the same as the business so the developers with the business owner and the users of the system who are the employees.   When agile software is used to create the software the business enjoy from the methodology.

The Restrat Consulting agile development methodology ensures that the software is free of errors.  The developer is grouped into various groups that are tasked in developing the software, and they conduct stand up meetings.  During the stand-up meetings, the group leader assigns the team members to the task that they need to do.  In the stand-up meetings, the occurs that is done during the development stage of the software are corrected and at the end of the process the software is error free.

When the developers of the software at use the agile framework there is transparency that is brought by this development methodology.  When the members of the group are bringing the team leader up to speed on what they have been doing they share with the whole group hence, they are nothing to hind.  When the individuals are trying to explain to the leader about their progress the rest tend to get it also.  When the whole group knows what they should work on and the results expected at the end of the process and also the stakeholders have an idea of what is happening creates transparency.

In an agile framework the developers and the stakeholders of the software work as a team and are expected to accomplish a various task together. The development process is fastened because the decision are made quickly.  It is easier to have a decision passed when you have all the members participating the decision making process.  The developers have the experience about developing the software, and the stakeholders have the experience on the business process and when the two are combined decision come fast.  When the process of developing the software is within the scheduled time the business saves a lot of resources in terms of money and time.

In conclusion, the agile development methodology is beneficial to the organization and the developers should implement it. To read more about the benefits of software, visit

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